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Ahh those annoying work video calls.


With fiber, your connection operates at roughly symmetrical speeds for both download and upload. Upload speed is particularly important for video to function correctly, getting your beautiful face sent quickly back through the internet and over to your coworker's screen.

Want to see something scary though? Check what your cable company or telephone company internet shows for "upload" speed, compared to the download speed that is advertised.

why do i need fiber?

If you're the type of person to see the word "fiber" and think about how your doctor is always on your case about eating more of it, it's okay, you're not alone.

Fiber internet sounds fancy and great, but do we really need it? And what does it actually do for us?

Well, the science behind it confuses us too, but let's just say it allows you to travel at lightspeed without having to leave the galaxy.

A fiber optic connection means your home is able to connect to the world at speeds greater than 1 gigabit per second, that's 1000 megabits per second.

Take the test below and see how fast your current internet is traveling...

Faster speeds of a gigabit (and beyond) means your home internet can support streaming TV, social media browsing, gaming, video conferences, smart home cameras and security, all at once!


In other words, teenager-proof!


A quick history of

telecommunication service...

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